Is Your Relationship on Cruise Control?

Has this ever happened to you? Driving your car, you discover that not only are you well past your exit; you are a number of miles further down the road!

You wonder, “Where am I? How did I get here?”

Or, have you ever woken up one morning next to your partner, lover, or spouse, shaking your head and wondering, “Who is that next to me?”

Your confusion was real. The source of your confusion is your brain. Your car and your relationship were both on cruise control, both operating on autopilot.

Don’t get the wrong idea. There is nothing wrong with your brain. It was only doing the job for which it was designed, good at some tasks, not so good for others. For example, your brain is good for learning and recalling – but not so good at helping you handle the unexpected or surprises.

In relationships as in driving, zoning out, taking a break, switching off your conscious awareness can get you an expensive relationship “citation” – or a front-seat to the next dramatic breakdown in your relationship.

Using relationship cruise control to drive your life, taking your partner for granted, pretending you understand when you haven’t a clue, being inauthentic, failing to be aware of and present to the people around you – are all breakdowns waiting to happen.

Ask yourself: “Am I in the driver’s seat – or a passenger on my own bus? “

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