Relationships are a lot like automobiles

What would our lives be like if we took care of our relationships as well as we do our cars?

Think about it. You need your car; it provides you with a sense of freedom and mobility. Your car is a valuable extension of yourself and your life. You routinely watch its speedometer, odometer, tire pressure gauges, oil indicators. You look and listen for any and all warning signs. When your car breaks down you mobilize quickly to get it, and you, back on the road.

But what about our relationships and communication skills?

We need our relationships to work at least as much as we need our car. Our lives will not have much enjoyment nor worth for us without trouble-free, good-working quality relationships, love and intimacy.

Cars come with repair and maintenance manuals. We need to be at least as well-informed and prepared to maintain and keep our relationships running smoothly. It’s not hard to do – if you know how.

Ask yourself, “Do I along with my partners in life, my spouse, children and friends:

  • Know how to repair our communication and relationship breakdowns?
  • Watch our relationships, love and intimacy levels-as vigilantly as we watch fuel and oil gauges?
  • Maintain our relationships with skill and diligence?

Take moment, and ask:

  • Where in my relationships, marriage, family, friends, or at work am I a quart low?
  • Does my marriage need an oil change, a tune up, wheels realigned?
  • Am I holding onto a grudge a bit too long; do I need to apologize to someone?
  • Do I need give up being right and to ask for forgiveness?
  • How do I communicate with my child, now a teenager?
  • How do I shift my relationship with, communicate with my child, now an adult?

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