Is Your Relationship on Cruise Control?

Has this ever happened to you? Driving your car, you discover that not only are you well past your exit; you are a number of miles further down the road! You wonder, “Where am I? How did I get here?” Or, have you ever woken up one morning next to your partner, lover, or spouse,

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Relationships are a lot like automobiles

What would our lives be like if we took care of our relationships as well as we do our cars? Think about it. You need your car; it provides you with a sense of freedom and mobility. Your car is a valuable extension of yourself and your life. You routinely watch its speedometer, odometer, tire

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Parents with adult children: Upgrading your family model to become a family of adults.

We love our children-but they inevitably grow up. The child we held in our arms and whose diapers we once changed is now an adult, or very nearly so, and this raises a number of difficult issues for all involved. A father of a college student daughter was in great suffering. He kept asking his

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I’m Sorry Is Not Enough

Healing a break in your relationship, takes forgiveness plus willingness on the art of your partner to forgive. Saying “I’m sorry” is just not enough. It is about you and does not communicate to your partner what, if anything, you are or may be sorry about. “I’m sorry” stands alone. Saying, “I apologize for (what

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Communication Is The Key To Invitation

One of the keys to communication is invitation. When you wish to share something with your spouse, invite them to talk, first. They might be involved in something else and are unable or unwilling to interrupt what they are doing in the moment. Starting to talk without an invitation may put them in a bind.

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