“Is Silence Golden?”

Men (but not only men) have what we might call a more “Workplace communication style” designed to collaborate, identify and solve problems, to achieve and accomplish goals together. When one man approaches another man in the workplace it must be because he needs something from him. If there is silence in the workplace – that is good news, all must be going well. If there is chatter – there must be something to be addressed. Silence is Golden.
In marriages this communication style will not work. Quite the opposite. With our marriage partners Silence may be deadly, toxic.
When men decline to share their day, thoughts, experiences our partner’s minds may begin to fill in the blanks with “He doesn’t care,” “I don’t matter,” or worst yet, “Who is he talking to if it is not me? Who is he seeing?”

It may be awkward at first, but it is imperative that partners communicate, open up, share, support one another. Workplace communication belongs in the workplace not in the home.