“The Genesis of Forgiveness, the Rebirth of Trust”

How do we rebuild trust when it is gone? (Part one)

We know that words have no value when it comes to reestablishing our partner’s trust.
We hear, “Talk is cheap” “Actions speak louder than words,” “I simply don’t believe you.”
So, how may we rebuild their faith in us? Can we be forgiven?
Towards rebuilding trust, look at what we might call a “Staircase to Forgiveness.” The higher up we go the more your partner’s faith and trust may be, might be restored.
The Staircase to Forgiveness:
• “I’m sorry” has a negative value when your goal is rebuilding Trust that has been broken, or shattered. Nobody has believed our, “I’m sorry” since childhood. So why say it?
• “I apologize” – heads us in a positive direction. However, our partner still is not sure what it is we are apologizing for.
(Part two next week)