The Space of Blessing and Communication.

We’ve read earlier of the power of “Yes, and” as a means of helping us move from reactive “NOs” and BUTs” to calmer, more responsive spaces of “Yes, and…”

For example, one can follow a, “Yes, and” in a variety of ways such as, “Yes, and tell me more.” “Yes, and can I share with you how I heard that…?” “Yes, and is there something we need to work out together?” and so forth. All these are respectful replies, honoring all parties.

Recently I’ve uncovered an uncommonly powerful approach that will convey you and your partner, spouse, or child into to a very, very high connected space. Most especially if you are seeking to emerge from a disconnected, negative, stuck place.

What would it be like if one of you said something like the following:
1) “My Blessing for us is that we find our way into a loving place in which both of us are honored and respected. Can we do that?”
2) Or, “My Blessing for us is that we find our way back to the love we both shared not so long ago. Will you join with me to get us back there once more?”

Basically, with this “Blessing invitation” approach both of you can reboot your relationship, gracefully.

Will it work every time? Likely not. It certainly will open something up that wasn’t present before.

Try it out for yourself and let me know how it went.

My Blessing for us is that we find our way towards a society that communicates with mutual honor, respect and love.

Join me?