Bring back, "Thank you. You're welcome"

For some reason, these days, I've noticed that I hear far fewer "Thank you. You're welcomes" than when I was growing up.

And yet, when I have coached couples to say "Thank you. You're welcome" to one another at Marriage and Communication coaching sessions, without exception everyone, everyone smiles, feels good, and connected. What is going on?

Looking beneath the surface of, "Thank you. You're welcome," we will see that Thanking our partner, child, friend, neighbor, client or coworker is an act of connection, acknowledging them for some action they have chosen to take on our behalf.

It doesn't matter what action they have taken on our behalf: opening the door, bagging groceries, doing our laundry, hanging up the dry cleaning, getting the children ready for school, serving us a hamburger at the local restaurant.

Any choice of action that has benefit for us receives a "Thank you."

And their response of, "You're welcome." closes the connection between you.
With, "You're welcome," they are telling us, "Thank you. I am glad we are connected in this moment and I appreciate you forĀ our connection." Whether it was for a gift, sale, compliment - or a hamburger.

I promise that, as individuals and as a community, when we reinstall "Thank you. You're welcome," back into our lives and daily conversations - we and our world will be a in far happier, smiling, glad to be alive, profoundly connected place. Thank you for reading this....