Cheating and Infidelity

Cheating and Infidelity

Can cheating and infidelity be forgiven?

You will first need to find the way to be authentic about your inauthenticity, and apologize in such a manner that offers your partner a genuine opportunity to forgive, to restore her trust in you, and stay in your relationship.

When you apologize, offer no:

  • Excuses, explanations
  • Denials, blame, rationalizations
  • Attempts to minimize or shift responsibility
  • Dish out any of these, and your relationship is toast. Buh-bye.
  • Only truth, responsibility, and transparency.

Where to begin? First:
  • Read aloud together The Five Love Languagesby Gary Chapman.
  • Learn how to speak one another's love languages.
  • Take the online quiz.
  • Speak to them in their Love Language.

Secondly, get relationship and communication coaching.
Learn how to apologize, how to listen authentically.
Understand that neither of you learned more than Reading, 'Riting, and 'Rithmetic in school.
Neither of you had any classes on Relationships and Communication.
There was no Fourth R.

Then get a coach.
Learn the skills, insights, and best practices for a relationship that grows to last a lifetime.
Contact me today.
Start now.

Neither, "But, I love you!" or an
"I'm sorry" are apologies.
Neither earns you forgiveness,
Neither earns you trust.
Only apology apologizes and
May make the difference as to whether you grow your marriage or face divorce.
Learn the difference.
Learn how.

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