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Is Marriage and Communication Coaching Considered Counseling?

Counseling or Coaching?

Coaching And Counseling Are Not Quite The Same

Coaching: provides that which individuals don’t know that they don’t know that, once learned and adopted (the skills, insights and best practices for an extraordinary relationship), will see them through to their Golden Wedding anniversary.

Counseling: is appropriate for individuals when some element of their life and living is distorted, (often as a result from a past event). in a way that interferes with their capacity to live freely.

Something simply does not work, they “can’t not be that unworkable way” (and they may be completely unaware of this).

Of all the couples I have worked with, a coaching approach has proved to be best approach to take for their marriage.

Marriage and communication coaching is not relationship counseling. It provides you with the skills, insights, and best practices you need for relationships that grow to last a lifetime.

It’s also not talk therapy. Our short, five-week program teaches you and your partner to treat each other and communicate with mutual honor and respect. Together, you will learn how to communicate under any and all circumstances, in any relationship, at home or at work. Contact Marriage and Communication Coaching today. Now accepting Clients From Marana, Sahuarita, and Sierra Vista, AZ area.


Your first 10 years of marriage can be some of the most challenging years you will ever face.
Settling into a new home, starting a family, managing finances, dealing with in-laws, changing careers – all add stress.
As communication can grow strained, effective communication skills become more and more important.

We are here to help counsel you as you face and overcome and grow together through those communication challenges.
Reach out to Marriage & Communication Coaching today and get your marriage on track.

Learn To Honor And Respect Your Spouse

Honor and respect are at the core of every successful relationship.

Lack of honor and respect will sink your marriage, every time.

If you are not sure whether you are honoring and respecting your spouse – ask them. Their opinion is the one that counts – not yours.

If they won’t meet your eyes, or take too long to answer – reach out to Marriage and Communication Coaching today. We’ll help you get on track to a marriage that will grow to last a lifetime. A marriage with mutual honor and respect.


The marriage counseling education you need to make all of your relationships work. Communication within your marriage is important. The same skills can be utilized in every aspect of your life. We’ll teach you the secrets for powerful and effective communication, including:

  • How to accept and celebrate differences
  • How to listen effectively
  • How to give and take feedback
  • How to communicate with mutual honor and respect
  • How to maintain your self-respect

Call 520-297-3085 today to learn more about our five-week marriage and communication coaching program.

Counseling or Coaching?

Adopt The Skills, Insights, And Best Practices To Enjoy A Loving Marriage Built Upon Trust, Mutual Honor, And Respect

Enjoy a satisfying fulfilling marriage that will grow to last a lifetime.
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