Got to, or Get to Live?

We can almost always replace a "Got to" with a "Get to" and enjoy an enhanced experience of life.

You get to check it out for yourself.


Would you rather live by "Have to, Need to, Got to, Should, or Must?"

"Have to listen better. "I Ought to exercise. I Need to lose weight. I Should watch my diet. I Must study harder."


Or a "Get to?"

"I Get to listen. I Get to exercise. I Get to lose weight. I Get to watch my diet. I Get to study?"


Our whole experience of living shifts when we change one single letter.


When we change the letter "o" (in got to) into an "e" (in get to).


We GET to live our lives forward. We GET to live our lives forward into the next, our future.


"Got to" or, Get to?"

It's up to you.


You GET to contact me when you intend to go from one way of living to the other.