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How Do We Evict Persistent Hurtful Memories?
How Do We Evict Persistent Hurtful Memories?

How do we evict persistent hurtful memories?

Many of us are plagued by memories of events in our past, from our childhood, and previous relationships. They tend to come up repeatedly.
How do we retire and get free from our past?
I invite us to consider that our memories are fabricated from a narrative (a story), plus the emotions experienced associated with the memory. Narratives, or stories that we’ve made up about the incidents, are held together by the emotions associated. We become free once we’ve released the emotions.
We may accomplish this by retelling the stories over and over again, aloud. You might choose to journal your narrative first to get your story clear in your memory.
For extra achievement, this can be accomplished with another who agrees to listen.
They agree to avoid adding anything to our narrative, just pure listening.
What you can expect is that after about five to ten repetitions, the memories will begin to fade and lose their grip on you.

Keep going until your narrative begins to shred and bores you in the telling.

When done. Move on. Get free. Get life.

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