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Infidelity: Why and How
Infidelity: Why and How

Infidelity: Why and How

It’s hard to think when infidelity darkens your marriage.

You feel deeply betrayed. Trust is broken, and forgiveness seems impossible.

I offer that infidelity is a symptom, not a cause.

Then, the relevant question then is “a symptom of what?”

At Marriage and Communication,
We do the work to uncover the answers.

Together, with mutual awareness, insights, new clarity, and effective communication skills, the time will arrive for you to know whether it’s possible to forgive or time move on.

My guarantee is that you will know:

1) Why infidelity occurs.
2) How this happened to you.
3) What is next for your relationship.
4) You will have all you need to make a choice.
5) You will be complete with that choice.

I look forward to working with you when the time is appropriate.

Blessings on your journey.

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