Is your marriage a WE-lationship?

Is your marriage a WE-lationship?
A WE-ality, or a ME-ality?

Living from the outside>in.
One's focus is "out there,"
Towards one's environment
Engaged with one's surroundings.

One's Inquiry:
Is into the status, wellbeing,
Health, happiness, needs and
Desires of others.

Living within a WE-ality,
We are never alone.

When they experience happiness,
We experience happiness.

Living in a WE-ality
We live in total connectedness.
Community arises.
We are one.

Living from the inside>out,
Where everyone else are only spear carriers in their opera, disconnected, objects.

Living in a ME-ality is living in total loneliness.
All stimuli enter through the ME portal.
Much like a child in many ways.

If I like what you say, I like you.
If I do not like what you say I do not like you.
To stay on my good side you have to do what I want and say.

What's in your wallet?