Is Your Marriage Catch-Able?

Is your marriage catch-able?

For a professional ballplayer, every ball is catchable.

Ballplayers move, dance with the ball, correlating their movements with the ball.

It moves, they move. For them, every ball is catchable.


Is your life catchable?

Are you in a dance with your life?

Or, is there some area of your life and living where you've given up?

Have you've decided the possibility you've seen for yourself, is un-catchable?


When I was 5, my mother walked me to a new kindergarten and then she walked away leaving me there.

At that moment, upset, frustrated, and alone, my life became, "What I wanted, who I was - didn't matter."

From that moment on, a part of who I was and the possibility I might have become - became uncatchable.

From then on I tended to give up, saying, "Why bother? I already know it's un-catchable."


In what areas, of your life, have you given up on, as being "un-catchable?"

What would your life be like, life, marriage, family, and job - all loved as catch-able?

Catch your life.