It pays to speak their Love Language

It is worthwhile to read the Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman aloud together, taking turns and enjoying rich sidebar conversations together.

We can learn that that one of us requires, “Words of Affirmation” and appreciation as their primary love language, while the other needs “Physical Touch” or perhaps “Quality Time” to feel more loved and connected with you. Some express their love by performing Acts of Service. Yet others will feel most connected with us when receiving gifts or enjoying other gestures. It often happens that we love our significant other speaking our personal love language - when their primary love language is in a different, sometimes very different Love language. After reading the first nine chapters out loud, taking turns, and discussing, go on to take the online quiz after chapter nine and compare the order and strength of your specific Love languages.

It pays to speak the Love Language of the ones you love. Contact me for more if you want to discuss this.