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Jealousy And Envy Are Not The Same
Jealousy And Envy Are Not The Same

Jealousy and envy are not the same

Jealousy is fear of losing something that you have, or you believe you have. For example, love and relationships. Envy is a desire, or a yearning for something you don’t have but want for yourself.
When you feel anxious or insecure about your connection with another, jealousy is likely to arise.
In those moments you are no longer in charge of your life. You are not free. Your fears and jealousies are directing your life. Your partner may try to reassure you repeatedly. You won’t hear them. As a result, they begin to walk on eggshells around you. Love, relatedness, connection, joy, and life start to disappear.
I invite you to consider seeking out a counselor that will accompany you as you get at the sources of your fears and insecurities. With their support you will upgrade your emotional toolkit and get free from the distortions that cost your marriage, love, and relatedness.

Do this now. Do not wait for “the best time.” The best time is now.

Get free. Get life.

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