ME-ality or WE-ality?

Are we, in our marriages and relationships, living from a ME-ality or
from a WE-ality?

Were we to take a step back and look at ourselves we might distinguish
that there is a continuum between ME-ality on one extreme, and WE-ality
on the other.

One extreme of this continuum, ME-ality, might be characterized by, "I
am therefore we are."

The other extreme, WE-ality might be characterized by, "We are therefore
I am."

Two realities that in turn constitute two distinct  Ways of Being, two
very distinct types of marriages and relationships.

I assert that each of us are located somewhere along this continuum.

Do we look at my marriage through a lens of "How things seem to ME and
my needs?" Or, do we look at OUR marriage through the lens of "How do
things seem to WE and our needs?"

I assert that none of us are stuck, that our individual points of view
need not be polarized, etched in stone.
Movement is possible.

Our challenge:
How can we shift from  a culture of "I'm right, you're not" and generate
a cooperative and collaborative "Marital malleability" in pursuit of
satisfying intimate marriages that grow to last a lifetime?

I suggest that listening to one another, with Mutual Honor and Respect,
is a good start.

Learn how.
Let me know when you are ready to begin.