Mutual Honor and Respect

I invite us to stop any attempt at communication that breaks or threatens our connection.


Many, if not most of us have a "default app" of, "Hear a problem, fix a problem, and as soon as possible - so we can get back to work." And while this may work well at work, it does not do so well in other relationships.


At home, when many of us hear anything that has the appearance of a problem, we default to "work mode." We tend to jump in offering advice, uninvited. Which then breaks our connection and leaves our partner feeling that they haven't been heard, that we think they are stupid, and they can't handle problems on our own.


The solution is simple. When 'splained or our connection is threatened, say something like. "Hang on a second. This is not working for me.. Let's take a step back and then restart this conversation."


Bottom line: stop any attempt at communication that threatens our connection.