How to Effectively Parent a Teen

How to Effectively Parent a Teen

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Teens crave honor and respect from you-from each other. However, they may not let you know when they aren't feeling honored or respected. Parents may think they have been respectful and they may actually have been so. But when a teen disagrees the teen gets the last word. Their truth.

We, as parents get to deal with their truth. Not ours.

So, what can a parent do? Lay down the law? Make new rules that need to be enforced? We all know how that turns out.

Marriage and Communication Coaching offers parent and teen communication services that will support you and your family through the teen years.

Learn how to effectively communicate with your teen and develop a cooperative relationship that works for everybody.

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Mutual respect in healthy relationships is a priority

As always, effective communication with mutual honor and respect is essential to any relationship. We'll discuss these pillars of solid relationships and more during teen and parent coaching sessions.

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