We vs. You

"It seems to me that we" - is a truly useful workaround for the word "You."

Instead of pointing a verbal or real finger at your spouse and saying, "You never listen!" we can employ a far gentler, easier to hear, "It seems to me that we are not communicating well together."

Instead of, "We are always running out of money every month!, and getting into the blame game. We can say, "It seems to me that the way we handle our finances together is not working for us."

Using, "It seems to me that we..." is similar to Mary Poppins' "A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down.."

"It seems to me that we..."It makes uncomfortable or confronting circumstances easier to hear, harder to take personally, get defensive and start an argument.

It seems to me that we might communicate far more effectively with one another - were we to routinely employ, "It seems to me that we..."