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What a difference an "E" makes!
What a difference an "E" makes!

What a difference an "E" makes!

It seems to me that many of us tend to live lives of obligation, our lives given by
“I have to. I need to. I should, I’ve got to. I must.”
Everything we do, from the moment we get up in the morning until we go to sleep is because
We have to get dressed. We have to go to work. We need to go shopping. I have to make dinner.”
We live as if we are passengers along for the ride and then one day we die.
What would our lives be like were we to live our lives from choice “I get to,” experiencing lives given by
opportunity and possibility?
It can be as easy as swapping just two letter, two vowels, an “O” for an “E.”
Once we’ve swapped “O” for “E” we’ve moved from a “Got to life,” to a “Get to life.”
I get to shower. I get to get dressed. I get to go to work. I get to do the laundry. I get to go shopping
and make dinner.”
Swapped “O” for “E” we’ve gone from a survival-given life living as passengers to living experiencing
a world in which everything we do is because we choose to.
We have choice; we can change our minds for no reason at all, “just because”
Freely, we look for possibility and go on to seize opportunity.
None of which are available to us in “Have to, need to” given lives.
What a difference an “E” makes! We get to choose “O” or “E,”
All of life, our experience of being alive, transforms.
What a difference an “E” makes!
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