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Calling all parents!
Calling all parents!

Calling all parents!

Our goal is to live as a “Get to” parent who, by living a “Get to” life. raises “Get to” children who become “Get to” adults.

Many of us live lives of obligation driven by an “or else” relationship with our circumstances. We have to, “or else,” we need to, “or else,” we should, “or else.
Our circumstances have us as contrasted with our having them.
When we live lives driven by obligation, we are not in charge. We are not free. We are not drivers. We do not have access to possibility or opportunity.
We are passengers in our own lives. Then, one day, we die. Game over.

And yet, when we swap an “O” for an “E,” at that moment, we go from a “GOt to” driven life to a “Get to” given life.
Our living experience becomes dynamic, our lives vivid, vital, and alive.
We “Get to” go to work. We “Get to” go shopping.
We “Get to” live loving lives and relationships given by choice, freedom, opportunity, and possibility.
Become a “Get to” adult, a “Get to” parent, living a “Get to” life who raises “Get to” children who, in turn, become “Get to” adults. Now that’s a game I suggest is worth the living.

This is how we keep our marriage bubble thriving, vital, and alive.

Learn The Skills, Insights And Best Practices To Enjoy A Marriage Built Upon Trust, Mutual Honor, And Respect

Enjoy a marriage that will grow to last a lifetime.
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